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Are Cold Mountain Pottery mugs microwave safe?

Yes, our clay has a very low iron content and therefore does not react at all to microwaves. You can safely boil water in our mugs for tea or re-heat soup or other beverages. Our mugs are dishwasher safe, as well.

Do Cold Mountain mugs contain lead or other toxic materials?

No, our clay and glazes are totally lead free and are safe to use with any type of food or beverage.

I placed an order several weeks ago. Why aren't my mugs here yet?

Our pottery is made using old-fashioned techniques. Each mug is individually hand made, which takes a great deal of time. Also, since we do not utilize any type of artifical drying chambers, the weather can affect how long it takes before the work can be fired (it must be completely dry to go in the kiln). We are a "slow" business: unlike fast food, a Cold Mountain mug isn't instant gratification--you may have to wait up to 4-6 weeks during certain times of the year. But it's worth it!

Do you make other items besides mugs?

Yes check out Facebook for new and upcoming items:

Can you put names on mugs?

Yes, we can add either the names of individuals or a city, state, or other place name to any of our designs. There is either a one-time charge in the case of place-names or a per- mug charge for individual names. Please call and inquire about the details.

Is Cold Mountain Pottery "Green"?

Over the years we have thought long and hard about how our craft affects the Earth. Although we are a consumer of non-renewable fossils fuels (we use natural gas for our kiln) we do feel that because so much of our process is manual, not machine-made, that all in all we are a fairly green business. If one were to do an analysis of the carbon footprint of each of our mugs, we feel that we would score fairly low on impact as compared to pottery made by huge companies with automated processes and many employees driving to and from work every day. So YES, please use our pottery with a good feeling about how it impacts the Earth we live on!

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